Create your own two-phase and natural make-up remover with our Argan Oil and our Rose Water. This homemade make-up remover eliminates traces of make-up in a single gesture while moisturizing your skin.

Ingredients :

40ml Rose Water

15ml of Argan Oil

Pour all the ingredients into a bottle and shake before using!

The mixture of these ingredients will not only remove your makeup, but will also cleanse and hydrate your skin, giving it a luminous complexion! It's also more economical and ecological than buying a new make-up remover every time!

Take advantage of the -18% on our Makeup Remover Pack: Argan Oil + Rose Floral Water to recreate this recipe!

You can use this make-up remover with our make-up remover glove to reduce your waste as well as your cotton and make-up remover wipes expenses.