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Huile Précieuse 100 ml

Our Huile Précieuse is a combination of different natural oils, provided with a sweet scent. It nourishes and revitalises the skin, body and hair. 

Prickly Pear Oil 15 ml

Prickly pear seed oil is a recent discovery in natural and organic cosmetics. It is extremely valuable because of the huge amount of prickly pear needed to produce very small amounts of oil. This oil is highly coveted for its benefits to the skin and for its wonderful healing properties.

Argan Oil 50 ml

Extremely rich in linoleic acids and essential fatty acids. Our argan oil will take care of you.  Composed mainly of fatty acids such as linoleic acid, oleic acid or palmitic acid as well as polyphenols and Vitamin E (tocopherols).
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