It is a visit to my grandmother's village that marks for me the beginning of the beautiful story of IMMIA OIL.

Fascinated by the beauty of Berber women, their bright skin and hair, I remembered my childhood, I remembered my grandmother who made the famous Argan oil with a thousand virtues with her own hands.

It is also in this village that the quote “knowing where you come from to know where to go” takes on its full meaning for me. I know that argan oil is a paradoxically very overused and extremely rare substance. I immediately felt it a duty to give it back its nobility. As a Franco/Moroccan Berber woman, I visualized the potential of pure products, made from high quality ingredients from my home country of Morocco.

Back home in Paris, my objective is to combine French knowledge and ancestral Berber recipes to make oils free of transformations, to resuscitate the prestige of noble products and intend them to be launched on the international scene.

My conscience is not limited to the quality of the oils since I place the social impact of my approach at the heart of the manufacturing process. It is women like my grandmother who harvest the fruits of the argan tree and extracting the best from it themselves.

The idea of transmission remains essential in my eyes, as does that of paying homage to a culture and to exceptional women.

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