The story of IMMIA OIL

After seventeen years of expertise in the pharmaceutical field, Aicha Guezzour Afatach has developed her own cosmetics brand: IMMIA OIL.

Close to her clients, Aicha has seen in recent years an increased demand for organic products derived from nourishing dry oils. It is therefore natural that Immedia Oil was born in November 2014.

Products with a unique and rare texture to meet the smallest requirements of all women.

Originally from southern Morocco, in a place where the culture of argan and fig of barbarism has no secrets for thousands of years for Berber women, it is in this paradise of natural beauty that Aicha decided to to reveal to the whole world the secrets of these women a secret of which only Berber women know its great virtues, a secret that is transmitted from mother to daughter!
Literally Immia Oil means my mom's oil.
Aicha gives you his secret in these organic products.