The Immia Oil History

Mme Aicha Guezzour

After seventeen years of experience in the pharmaceutical field, Aicha Guezzour Afatach has developed her own brand of cosmetics: Immia Oil.

Always listening to her customers, in recent years Aicha found an increasing demand for organic products from nourishing dry oils. In November 2014 this resulted in Immia Oil being founded with the sole intentention to offer:

Products of a rare and unique texture to meet the challenging demands of all women.

Originally from the south of Morocco, from a culture and location where for centuries Argan and Prickly Pear hold no secrets for Berber women, in this paradise of natural beauty Aisha decided to share with the world the secrets of these women, the secret of the great virtues only the Berber women experience, a secret that is passed from mother to daughter!

Literally, Immia Oil means: My mother's oil.

With Immiaoil organic products Aisha shares this secret with you.